Team Member: Diana Tran
Team Member: Anne-Marie Pallister

The Chair position is responsible for the following activities:

  1. Co-ordinate Parent Council Meetings: Establish dates for Parent Council meetings based on feedback from the Council. Facilitate childcare for all who require it.
  2. Prepare Meeting Agendas: Set the agenda for each meeting based on the TDSB requirements, the minutes from the previous meeting, as well as requests from other Council members. Prioritize each point on the agenda based on the needs of the Council. Create a time limit for each point on the agenda.
  3. Chair Council Meetings: Begin and end the meeting based on the established times. Introduce each point of the agenda and ensure that allotted times are followed in order to keep the meeting on track. Keep the discussion on point for each agenda item.
  4. Oversee Meeting Minutes: Work with the Secretary during each meeting to ensure significant points are recorded. Following the meeting, review the minutes with the Secretary and keep records of the minutes from each meeting for the Council to review at any time.
  5. Facilitate the Resolution of Conflict: Work to resolve any conflicts which may arise within Council in a respectful manner to all parties involved.
  6. Participate as an Ex-Officio Member of any Council Committees Established: Maintain an awareness of the goals and activities of any Council committees and participate within each committee.
  7. Represent the Council and Maintain Active Dialogue with William Burgess’ Principal: Act as the point person for the communication of issues, concerns and any other feedback from the Council to the principal.


Sarah Mennell

The Communications Chair has four main areas of Responsibility:

  1. Recurring Emails: Throughout the year various events and notifications will be sent out via electronic mail by Parent Council.  The Communications chair accepts content from council members, committee members school staff and edits/proofreads it, writes the Parent Council update, and sends it out with attachments to the distribution lists. The distribution lists include William Burgess staff and parents. The Communications Chair also maintains this email list, along with the Parent Council email list.
  2. Flyers/Letters: Various people will run fundraising initiatives throughout the school year. For each event, the Communications Chair creates a flyer to promote the event to staff, students, and parents. Often the person organizing the event can help with the flyers.
  3. Parent Council Bulletin Board: The Parent Council bulletin board is located across from the office in the main hallway. The Communications Chair is responsible for posting news and information from parent council, particularly posters and flyers to promote fundraising events. Seasonal decorating is often done as well (i.e., Halloween, Christmas/Winter, Valentine’s Day, Easter/Spring)..
  4. William Burgess Parent Council Website: The Communications Chair is responsible for updating and maintaining the Parent Council website.

In addition to the above duties, the Communications chair will keep an accurate copy of the Parent Council by-laws, and applicable regulations governing school councils and make copies upon request; ensure safe-keeping all non-financial records of the Council; and ensure William Burgess School Council Communications Protocol is adhered to.


Treasurer: Sarah Broad

The Treasurer position has three main areas of responsibility:

  1. Deposit: The Treasurer is responsible for counting the money and cheques received from various fundraising activities, keeping the money safe at school office and depositing the money to the bank representative by calling for collection on the assigned day for the school (Tuesday). The deposit process includes filling the details of deposit in the bank form and putting the money in a sealed bank envelope. Deposits are usually completed once a month. Counting is required after each fundraising event and usually other volunteers help in counting.
  2. Expenses: The Treasurer is responsible for issuing cheques against fundraising expenses, other operating expenses and for causes approved during parent council budget meeting. To issue a cheque, the Treasurer needs to obtain the disbursement receipt and supporting receipt from the person requesting the cheque, sign the cheque and obtain the Principal’s signature.
  3. Reporting: The Treasurer is responsible for preparing a budget report at the beginning of each school year, which outlines the available funds for expense and required operating expenses, and presenting this report during the budget meeting.

The Treasurer is also responsible for updating a monthly budget sheet detailing the fuds raised and expenses made till the end of previous month and sharing this with Parent Council. A reconciliation report is also submitted showing that bank balance plus outstanding cheques are in line with the transactions recorded. All transactions are recorded in Quicken software, which is simple to use and learn. This reconciliation report is sent to the Principal for review and signature. The Treasurer also needs to generate reports twice per year from the Quicken software.


Secretary: Helen Poole

The Secretary position has two main responsibilities:

  1. Meeting Minutes: The Secretary is responsible for attending each Parent Council meeting and recording the minutes of the discussion. This includes recording any action items and the outcome of any motions/votes.
  2. Attendance: The Secretary is responsible for maintaining records of all non-voting and voting Parent Council members in attendance at each meeting.


Jaclyn Pritchard

The Fundraising Chair is responsible for the following activities:

  1. Annual Fundraising Event Calendar: Work with Council to establish an annual calendar of William Burgess fundraising activities.
  2. Oversee Fundraising Events: Identify volunteers to manage or co-manage each event in the annual calendar. Oversee the planning and execution of each event to ensure the event is successful.
  3. Recruiting and Motivating Parent Volunteers: Assist to recruit, manage and motivate parent volunteers and provide volunteers with guidance or support as required.
  4. Soliciting Donations and Liaising with Vendors: Lead efforts to solicit donations from businesses and other organizations and to liaise with vendors as required for fundraising events.