Our Mandate

Our Mandate is to stay true to serving our Purpose on Council by enhancing our school community while focusing on students learning and their best interests.

We will achieve this by providing support to our school, principal, teachers, staff and parent members of our community and children by collaboratively working together effectively and efficiently to create a supportive, respectful and thriving environment to achieve positive results by being accountable with fulfilling our roles within council while acting in accordance to the guidelines, bylaws, mandates and code of ethics established for us.

Our Purpose

The Purpose of our School Council is through the active participation of parents, to improve pupil achievement and to enhance the accountability of the education system to parents.

Our school council’s primary means of achieving its purpose is by making recommendations in accordance with this regulation to the principal of the school and the board that established the council for these purposes.

Our Role

The Role of Council is to ensure parents have an active voice being heard in their children’s education, assisting the education and learning processes.  By providing feedback and making recommendations while remaining focused on student achievement and considering what is in the best interest of all students, we will maintain a higher ethical standard.

Only by active and continued involvement can we help set and maintain the school priorities for improving student achievement while welcoming parental and community involvement as we communicate with the community about their activities.

Members must show a mutual or common respect for one another and engage active participation by holding discussions surrounding areas of best interest to our students, school and council and providing feedback.